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The Best Way to Travel with Your Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs in the bag
Written by Mira

Traveling is great, but it quickly can become a burden when you travel with your golf clubs. It doesn’t matter if you got yourself the best golf travel bag in town, you still have to take a couple of things under consideration.

When you pack your sticks in a travel golf bag, you kind of hope for the best and prepare for the worst, sure, there’s also the rental possibility, but we all know that a new set of clubs may alter your performance. Nine times out of ten, you’ll want to travel with your golf clubs so that you get the best out of your traveling experience.

It all starts with an excellent travel golf bag!

With most airlines allowing bags under 50pounds, it makes sense that you look for a golf travel bag that fits your clubs, shoes, and other essentials. Some airlines may have a 40pounds limitation, so make sure before you leave home.

The variety of models is impressive, but the rule of thumb is to go with a sturdy travel golf bag when flying. You don’t want the clubs to get damaged from all that tossing around.

There are many tips to keep in mind when packing and packing the clubs in towels is one of the many. You can also put the socks on the irons and wedges, increasing their protection while traveling.

Two main types of travel golf bags win the popularity contest: the hard travel case and the soft travel case.

  • The hard travel case

It goes beyond saying that the hardcover is going to provide better protection, but it’s a lot heavier and cumbersome to carry in an airport (unless it comes with rolling wheels). It typically includes pockets for smaller items and takes the use for quite some time.

  • The soft travel case

Even though it’s lighter than the hard travel case, the soft travel case is recommended when traveling by car. It doesn’t ensure much protection to your golf clubs, but it’s easy to carry around.

Each of the two types of travel golf clubs has good and bad parts, and you should choose according to the kind of trip and destination.

Side note: the travel cover

The travel cover is a useful accessory to use along with your travel golf bag. It can be an aluminum rod that goes into the bag and extends over the clubs. It gives the soft case more structure, reducing the risk for snapping when in transit. It’s a cheap accessory, and you should get it for a soft travel golf bag.

What’s the best way to travel with your golf clubs?

Even if renting isn’t ideal, you should always think about the costs and see if it’s not cheaper to rent than traveling with your golf clubs.

Should you decide to travel with your golf clubs, you need to be aware of the risks you’re taking. The risk for your clubs to get stolen, damaged, or lost is never null when flying. It’s not common, but it’s a risk you need to be aware of!

Here are some suggestions to check before packing your golf travel bag:

  • Book a nonstop flight

Even if it may be more expensive, nonstop flights are the best choice when you fly with the golf clubs. Flying nonstop is more comfortable, but you’re also lowering the risk for damaging the golf clubs as there’s less transit time. Your clubs aren’t going to be handled between flights, so the chances for damage are considerably lower.

  • What should you pack?

You’re not going to pack only your golf clubs. Balls, golf shoes, tees, rain gear, and a sweater should also be on your list.

It’s wise that you don’t pack any pricey items in the golf bag; you never know what can happen in transit.

Do you plan on flying with the golf clubs? Here’s how to do it right!

With the bag, all secured and packed, don’t forget to attach a carry ID on your golf travel bag. The last thing you want is to have another golfer taking your bag by mistake at the baggage claim.

You should also add something that makes your bag easy to spot on. A sticker, a big red ribbon-whatever you like and helps you identify it more effortless. It’s not difficult to do it, but it’s plenty of help.

What if you want to ship the golf clubs?

When you don’t want to travel with the golf clubs, but still need them at the destination, there’s the possibility of shipping the golf clubs. Numerous services take care of your golf clubs from one destination to another, helping you focus on your game and not stress about the golf clubs.

Here’s how this sort of service works:

  • You use the online software for planning the shipment
  • You have to print and attach the shipping labels to the right bags
  • The service can pick them up, or you drop off the bags
  • You take care of your traveling and pick up the golf bag at the destination. You can always track the bag until it gets to you.

Nine times out of ten, the clubs are entirely ensured thanks to the on-time guarantee and shipment protection. Airlines, on the other hand, aren’t very generous in this area.

How should you pack golf clubs?

Ideally, you should cover the iron and wedges with some socks and towels. You can also wrap them in some bubble wrap, for increased protection. Don’t hesitate to do it, especially if your golf clubs are pricey.

Even though it’s more complicated, you can also unscrew the heads, storing them in the bag (use the towels for protecting them).

A telescoping shaft that extends to the bottom of the bag, sitting above the top of golf clubs is another functional solution. It’s a great choice when you have a soft travel golf bag.

The final thought

It may sound cumbersome to travel with your golf clubs, but it’s a lot easier than you may think. As long as you’re flying directly to your destination and have a high-quality golf travel bag, taking a golf trip should be straightforward.

If you decide to ship the golf clubs instead, go with a service that is easy to use and has experience with UPS or FedEx.

Either way, don’t forget to use the socks, towels, and bubble wrap for protecting the golf clubs. After all, you spend so much money on them!