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How to Jack Up a Travel Trailer

Jacking up a Travel Trailer
Written by Mira

If you’re into traveling, you know that a travel trailer is what you need precisely for taking your hobby to the next level. Not only that they give you the comfort you need even in the middle of nowhere, but they also provide the liberty of deciding when you want to stop or where you want to stop.

Keeping your travel trailer in good shape and ready to run is one of the challenges that come as you want to rely on your RV at all times. When it comes to travel trailers, constant servicing is essential for maintaining them comfortable and dependable.

A travel trailer is no typical vehicle as it’s bigger than the usual types and comes with unique configurations. Jacking up your travel trailer is only a matter of time, and you should do due diligence about it beforehand. One thing you don’t want when traveling with your RV is having to jack it up in the middle of nowhere and have no idea what, to begin with.

As there are different types of travel trailers out there, scroll down to take a look at the tips for some of the most common types out there.

What’s the best way to jack up a fifth-wheel trailer?

Travel trailer raised with a hydraulic bottleIf you’re the owner of a fifth-wheel trailer, we’re rooting for you as this type of trailer is challenging to jack up. It’s because it uses a different kind of coupling (the 5th wheel coupling). The coupling ensures a connection between the RV and the towing unit (the latter is a leading trailer or a truck).

You can also attach a tractor as some travel trailers use the 5th wheel coupling method for connecting the truck’s bed to the trailer. It’s a useful set up so that when the car is turning, the surface facing downwards is going to rotate, easing out the connection.

It’s not easy to jack up a fifth-wheel trailer, especially if you know nothing about it. Getting off the road is the very first thing to do. Make sure you find a safe space, away from the high traffic.

Keep in mind that travel trailers are heavy vehicles, and they present many challenges and requirements. You cannot use the standard equipment either as they weigh more. Proper training and knowledge are fundamental for jacking up a travel trailer.

The bottle jack is a crucial tool to use for solving this kind of problem. It’s that helps you fix a wheel or lifting your travel trailer.

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The bottle jack is a jack, but it’s shaped like a bottle. It presents a cylindrical body and neck, which makes it easy to stand out. You can use the screw or the hydraulic model, with the latter having the hydraulic ram coming out of the body vertically. You need to give hydraulic pressure to the jack by using a lever or a pump.

Is jacking up a single axle travel trailer any easier?

travel trailer single axle jacking upMore often than not, you’re going to try to get a travel trailer that is easy to maintain, but it’s dependable, comfortable, and affordable. If a low price is the selling point for you, you need to be aware that you’re going to have to compromise. And nine times out of ten, it’s the performance that you will sacrifice when buying the cheapest model on the market.

The single axle trailer is one of the most affordable models of travel trailers out there. It only has a single axle, connected to the wheels with the help of springs. It can also be linked to the wheels right to the trailer bed.

One benefit of the single axle trailers is that they’re lightweight, which eases out the towing. You don’t need to buy a double axle nor worry about towing a cumbersome vehicle either. Parking a single axle trailer is also secure, especially in tight spaces.

It’s important that you use a single axle tire chock and a hydraulic jack (a robust hydraulic bottle jack should be your no.1 choice for the job). You want a hydraulic jack that is made with strong and durable materials that protect it from the high force and tension when lifting the heavy vehicle that a travel trailer is.

Patience is your no.1 secret when jacking up the single axle trailer. Use a good bottle jack to lift it up and never use a leveler for the job. Here are the steps to follow:

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Run the wheels over the chock so that they’re lifted. It’s going to make the process a lot easier and safer.

Loosen the lug nuts (the wheels may become wobbly) on the ground. You don’t want the tire to fall off, but only halfway so that you may remove the lug nuts and the tire the right way later on.

Take a look at the U bolt plate on the axel. Don’t put the jack on the axle tube as you may damage your vehicle.

The U bolt plate is where you’ll place the bottle jack. Continue with cranking up the pump on the jack (you push down and pull it back). You need to do it until you get the travel trailer in the right position. Continue with loosening the lug nuts so that you may take the tire off.

Use the spare tire or buy a new one asap. Don’t forget to take a good look at the spare tire- you don’t want any punctures or issues with it.

Install the new tire and don’t forget about tightening the lug nuts. You should only tighten them halfway. It’s time for releasing the bottle jack lever, letting it go down. Proceed with tightening the nuts all the way.

What are the tips to remember when jacking up a horse trailer?

horse trailer

The horse trailers are some of the most unusual types of travel trailers, for sure. Even though you use them for transporting horses or livestock, you can also use them for other purposes. The variety of horse trailers is impressive and may intimidate a beginner.

You may pull a horse trailer by a truck or a tractor, or you can have an SUV pulling it. Some use the horse trailers as small units that carry no more than three horses, whereas bigger units can transport even five horses simultaneously.

A lot of patience and excellent skills are fundamental for jacking up a horse trailer. Most models out there present a double axel or a tandem axel mechanism for obtaining the impressive support. The suspension on the horse trailer is also crucial, as these trailers have to give comfort to the animals. The pressure and level of stress have to be low for the animals, and the horse trailers are made for adjusting to the weight of animals in the most comfortable way.

You should start by leveling the tires correctly. Grab a reliable leveler so that it’s easier for you to level the tires. You should also use some chocks or a ramp for rising the front/back wheels of the horse trailer.

When you need to jack the trailer up on the back wheels, you should try your best to elevate the front wheels on the ramp/chocks too. However, you shouldn’t do it for the front wheels. You need to level the wheels for obtaining more support. Continue with getting the floor jack that is going to support the horse trailer.

One last recommendation

It’s vital that you take a look at the rating on the jack to see if it takes your travel trailer. When the weight of the trailer is more significant than the evaluation of the jack, you should never use it for lifting the trailer. It’s dangerous to do it for you and anyone near you.

Always place the floor jack right under the axel, pulling the crank always so that the floor lifts itself as well.