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How to Remove RV Light Covers

Removing the RV Light Covers
Written by Mira

You don’t have to be rocket science to notice that any RV has several lighting fixtures and displays inside. The lights help you see better when you’re inside the RV, working together for better electrical system operation. You can also use the lights for creating a pleasant atmosphere in your RV, the way you have at home. Unlike your home, though, the RV doesn’t provide much space, so you need to get creative when using the lights.

What’s to say about RV lights briefly?

More often than not, the interior and exterior lights on your RV will feature a specific covering apparatus that protects them from possible damage. There are many reasons for which RV owners want to remove the light covers. Sometimes they want to do it for installing LED lights, or they want to do it for experiencing the full brightness of the lights.

Is it possible to remove the light covers in your RV?

You don’t need any special tools for removing the light covers in your RV, but there are differences between the light covers. The type of your RV sure is necessary, so you need to check for the model if and how to remove the light covers. Nine times out of ten, the RV light covers are mounted onto a lighting fixture with a fastening mechanism, holding it in place with screws or clips.

You should start by taking a good look at the light covers. You want to identify if there are any screw outlets or other delicate pieces that don’t break during handling.

Typically, the light covers are secured with some plastic tabs at the back of the mainframe that is supposed to come out really easy. You may use a screwdriver or some pliers for popping out the tiny tabs. The tools make the job a lot easier. When you got the plastic brackets out of the way, you only have to remove the screws that hold the lighting frame in place.

What happens after removing the light covers?

After you removed the light covers, you get access to the frame area that the screws hold in place. You need a screwdriver for removing the screws and accessing the lights. Should you ever have to replace the current RV lights, it’s the best way to do it. You should remember that the best way to remove the lamp covers is by checking the user manual. The manual could recommend particular tools or methods you have to follow.

How to remove the light covers in your RV?

Light Covers for RV

Let’s say you want to switch from incandescent lights (most light fixtures in the RV come with incandescent lightbulbs) to LED lights. LED lights are high because they can last for two decades. Even if they may seem steep, you can look online for the best prices.

We should remind you that the light covers may build up with all sorts of a mess so that they may get stuck. The risk for breaking is significant, requiring you to handle the light covers carefully throughout the removal. Keep in mind that if the light covers break, you won’t be able to replace them, not to mention the mess you will have in your RV. You will have to buy the whole unit, so handle the light covers gently.

For many light covers, you will notice four tabs, and you’ll be tempted to squeeze and pull down. Soon enough, you see that it’s not working! The tabs won’t come out even if you’re pulling them all the way out either! How to do it, though?

You need to push up against the light covers, and slide the sheets to the wright. It only goes 1/4in or so. Work gently and wiggle the cover out of the holes. Once it’s out, you will notice the tiny tabs that keep it in place. If you break any of them, you won’t be able to put it back correctly. The light cover won’t stay in place since it won’t set or seal properly.

You must handle the light cover gently so that you don’t break it. If you want to replace the lightbulbs with LED lights, now it’s the right time. The bulbs are mounted inside the plastic fixture and feel a bit wiggly. Don’t grab and pull the lightbulb out. You only need to grab it and wiggle it a bit; it’s going to come out quickly.

At times, lightbulbs can get stuck, in which case you only have to be more careful and patient. Don’t force it for pulling it out. You don’t need to pull it down but to the side. Wiggle it as much as it takes for pulling the lightbulb out.

Take the LED light you plan to install. LED lights are high because they come in many colors, even though light or yellow lights are the most popular choices. The LED lightbulb looks similar to the incandescent bulb, and installing it is a breeze. You simply put it in place, pushing it until it sits.

You can do the same thing for all the light covers in your RV. And if you’re going with LED lights, you can play a bit with the colors, creating the décor you want with the lights.

One last word before you go away

Some may not feel comfortable removing the light covers on their own, in which case it’s perfectly fine to hire a professional mechanic. He/she can quickly help you or assist you when removing the light covers safe and sound. Go over our guide once again, but don’t forget to check the instruction manual as well. Your RV may have some particular light covers, so you don’t want to break them when removing.

There are many types and sizes for light covers and numerous replacement options to select too. Take the bulb compatibility into consideration before installing new light in your RV. It’s useless to have great lights in your RV, but not to be safe.